About R&D Business Systems Ltd.

R&D Business Systems Ltd, makers of ePASS Enterprise Software, has been developing software for the Appliance, Electronics, and Furniture sales and service industries for over 35 years. Our team of programmers and support staff has over 100 years of combined industry experience! We began creating software for the industry when computers first became economically feasible, and we have not stopped. Take a look at our Reviews page to see why many companies have been using our software for over 20 years! Our very first customer from 1978 still uses ePASS today.

One of the reasons companies to continue to use ePASS is because we believe we are never finished building ePASS. Our team of programmers is constantly building new features to handle the changing needs of the industries we serve, and our support staff is in regular contact with our clients to ensure those features are doing the job we intended them to do. Another reason, which is the most important reason to all of us at ePASS, is that first and foremost we believe in taking care of our clients. Every company has a unique feature they would like to have built, or runs into IT issues on a weekend or early in the morning, and we pride ourselves on being there to help when you need us.

ePASS Enterprise Software – your complete enterprise solution!

ePASS Enterprise is a fully integrated sales and service system designed specifically for the Appliance, Electronics, and Furniture industry. ePASS can handle all your business needs with a host of features designed to completely automate your company. Some of the main modules include point of sale, dispatching, serialized inventory control, parts inventory control, customer history, wireless real-time barcode scanning, financing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, financial statements, mobile salesperson and mobile technician applications, messaging system, integrated payment processing, eCommerce, and more! Give us a call today to arrange an online demo and see our software in action. Tell us your concerns and we’ll show you exactly how ePASS can take care of them.

Solutions that work, people that care!

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