ePASS Point of Sale


A point of sale system that goes far beyond simply allowing you to process the sale, ePASS POS will take your salespeople and call takers to the next level.

Whether your company does sales, service, installations, parts counter sales, maintenance contracts, financing, or others - ePASS will manage it all for you, while ensuring the salesperson or call taker has all the tools they need at their fingertips. You can rest easy knowing the customer address was validated with Google Maps, the information you require was gathered, and the salesperson was prompted to up-sell any related items, services, and warranties.

Our point of sale system goes far beyond just the point of sale though, as we help you manage the job or sale throughout the entire process. We don't stop there either - we help you analyze history for follow up sales (extended warranties after the sale, condensor cleanings, etc), marketing based on sales history, collecting spiffs, submitting warranties, calculate commissions, and more.

Keep your customers updated on the status of their order by setting up automated emails and text messages, or by using our batch email and text features.

If you're a sales company who does a lot of builder work, or a service company who provides service for other dealers - allow builders / dealers to sign into their own customized portal to view all the jobs you are doing for them, send messages back and forth, let them view their statements, make payments, and more.

Allow your customer to review and agree to terms and conditions, sign off or initial for special order or scratch and dent produrct, sign off on delivery terms, etc. all from a tablet on the sales floor. ePASS will automatically save a copy and attach it to the invoice each and every time they sign throughout the order process. Do you do a lot of online and/or phone sales? With ePASS you can even email the customer a copy to sign or accept from their home, and it will be saved to the invoice as soon as they accept.

One important thing to keep in mind when considering ePASS Enterprise is that the system has been evolving for over 35 years! It has been designed specifically for the appliance, electronics, and furniture sales and service industries so you can expect that it will be able to handle the vast majority of your needs.

  • Customizable prompts to ensure you are getting all the information you want from your customers.
  • Create quotes or sales, easily convert a quote to a sale, and track conversions.
  • Fully customized commission reports using sliding scale, gross margin, bonus structures, or whatever rules you may have. Includeds split sales, house sales, etc.
  • Track sales referrals and report on sales for paying referral fees.
  • Fully integrated payment processing, including EMV (chip and pin) and ACH (check processing)
  • Customized prompts when selling product, to ensure the salesperson is asking the correct up-sell questions.
  • UP system for busy sales floors, to track which salesperson is up next.
  • Proactive automated messages prompt your salesperson about certain action items.
  • Full suite of reports to assist salespeople and call takers.
  • Automated emails and texts when the status of a sale or job changes.
  • Various tools to make the job easier, including: copying, splitting, and merging invoices, splitting history, merging accounts, and a lot more.
  • Notepads and Audit trails to track everything that has happened with a sale or job.
  • Mobile Salesperson, which allows your salespeople to make the sale without leaving the customer.
  • Capture the customer signature electronically for all special orders, damaged product, company terms, delivery conditions, and any other situation where you want to get initials or a signature.