ePASS Wireless Barcoding


ePASS enterprise provides a true wireless system that is real time. Our scanners not only tell you what to do on screen, but they actually talk to you!

Don’t be fooled by barcoding systems that expect you to plug your scanner into your computer after you have scanned everything and then process the information all over again. ePASS Enterprise provides a truly wireless system that is real time. As soon as you scan a piece at the loading dock, it is in your inventory. Our scanners not only tell you what to do onscreen, they will talk to you! They will tell your staff they have made a mistake and make them fix it!

Features & Benefits

When receiving inventory, as soon as the product comes off the truck and the bar coded label is scanned, it is in your inventory. Nothing more to do! Our labels even tell you this piece was special ordered for a customer, and which invoice it belongs to. When loading the delivery trucks, the warehouse staff scan the invoice they are processing and the system will make sure they pick every piece, exactly as it should be. No more wrong color, wrong door swing, wrong model, or a missing piece. The staff cannot complete an invoice unless everything is picked. COD Invoices cannot be delivered unless paid for. Transferring inventory is nothing more than scanning the pieces that are going from the warehouse to the floor. Reports are printed showing the inventory being moved for staff to sign and acknowledge receipt.
  • Real-time, wireless scanning for all of your receiving, shipping, transfers, physical counts, and more.
  • Full capabilities for both the sales and service departments.
  • Increase your speed and accuracy receiving with barcodes.
  • Eliminate mistakes during shipping - no more sending out the wrong model, wrong color, or forgetting something.
  • Automated transfer requests for when a floor model needs to get to the warehouse for delivery, or warehouse inventory needs to get to a store for pickup.
  • Physical counts are lightning fast, and reconciliation is easy.
  • Not enough scanners? With our App and a cost effective BlueTooth scanner you could be scanning with your phone. A service technician could count his truck stock from home!