Mobile Salesperson - ePASS on the go!


Carry ePASS with you wherever you go, with the ePASS Mobile Salesperson app!

Check inventory pricing and availability, on the spot! A salesperson can walk around the store with a acustomer and can instantly quote prices, see what you have in stock, when there is more coming in, then add the product to the shopping cart and check the delivery schedule. You'll never have to leave the customer to look something up again!

For management who are on the road - view charts and graphs of sales figures from your phone! No more waiting until you get back to the office to see how the store is doing.

In addition to assisting your salespeople, Mobile Salesperson can also help out in the warehouse, or it can help control inventory at your stores. All shipping, receiving, transfers, stock checks, and physical counts can be done as well. When it's time for a physical - get everyone scanning with their phones and you'll be done in no time. Or if you have service technicians they don't even have to come into the shop to do a physical - they could scan their inventory from home.

  • Works on any device with a browser. That means your phone, tablet, laptop, iPad, Android, Windows, and more
  • Check pricing and availability, write a quote, check the delivery schedule without ever leaving your customer
  • Review store sales activity while you're on the road
  • All of the same functionality as our warehouse scanners - Shipping, receiving, transfers, count, and inventory inquiries
  • "Up Management" for busy sales floors
  • Integrated ePASS messaging - check your message and reminders, or send a message
  • Charts and Dashboards