ePASS Mobile Technician


We have put the power of ePASS Enterprise into the hands of the Technician. Route Sheet, Mapping, History, Inventory Control, Workorder Entry, Messaging, Inquiry, and much, much more.

Helping your technicians, office, and parts staff complete more calls while being self sufficient is what will help you make a profit. Getting that one extra call in a day can make all the difference! With ePASS Mobile Technician you can send the technician a call without stopping your work or interrupting him. He can check stock, see past service calls, put in a parts request all without calling the office. He can also fill in the details while he is at the house and even print/email the customer a receipt.

When the technician leaves the house, the call and paperwork is already completed and the integrated mapping will show him how to get to his next stop. You know exactly what happened at each of his calls. If he needs a part, he can add it to the order or see which other trucks have it. If he just left a house and the customer calls you, you can just message him to return. The best of both worlds: If he has an internet connection then everything is real-time and live, the moment you give him a new call, he sees it. As he fills in a parts request, the purchasing staff will know to order it. If he is offline ePASS Mobile Technician queues the data and synchronizes as soon as he gets a signal. In the meantime he continues to operate. No more waiting until tomorrow to see what was done on a job. No more calling the technician because the customer says he just left but the appliance is doing the same thing. No more data entry the next morning to complete the service calls. All you have to do the next morning is collect the paperwork and money! When you help the technician be more productive you help all staff. How many times a day are you calling the technician to see where he is or what the status of a job is? How many times a day is he calling the parts department to see if they have a part in stock or ask them to order one for him?

Let us show you how simple and cost effective our mobile solutions are!.
  • No more paper work orders - all service performed, parts used / needed, labor, payments, etc. is input by the technician on his laptop or tablet.
  • Create and email a quote from your customers home.
  • A technician can not only what inventory he has in his truck, he can see every other truck and location in the company.
  • Integrated Google Maps route sheets guide you to the next job.
  • Check future calls to pre-screen, or take an extra call if you're finished early.  Look at the entire schedule in order to reschedule a job.
  • Full customer history for every job, including service performed, labor, and all parts used.
  • No interent connection?  No problem!  Mobile Tech will store data locally until it detects an internet connection.
  • Integrated messaging with the office so your technician is always in touch.
  • MyPartsHelp BlueBook integration.
Familiar Windows design is easy to learn and use.
Capture customer signatures on screen, using your stylus.
See inventory quantities in every location.
Integrated Google maps takes you from one job to the next.